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Digital Marketing Services - Maximising Customer Engagement & Business Growth

Connect Hebrides Web Design - Digital Marketing Services

A successful digital marketing strategy is vital in increasing awareness of your business, products, or services in a very competitive marketplace. It requires not only a robust online presence, but also tools that build a strong brand identity, and that also inspire customer engagement and interaction.

To maximise opportunities for engagement, Connect Hebrides can provide a complete suite of online marketing solutions, including utilisation of the most popular social media platforms, so that you can easily communicate with existing clients, renew relationships with former clients, and reach prospective new clients.

The Connect Hebrides Web Design platform includes an optional all-in-one business management and marketing suite of apps that can be synchronised with each website, giving businesses the opportunity to easily connect with their customers. It is a seamless solution that negates the need to use multiple applications from several other platforms to manage a business online.

The applications encompass over twenty integrated tools for business owners to grow their brand, manage customer relationships, and promote their business. It helps businesses drive customers to their websites and social media platforms by increasing engagement with the products or services on offer.

The suite provides the following integrated tools/functionalities to manage and grow your business :- 

  • Social Media Marketing - Social media marketing is a powerful way to reach prospects and customers to drive leads and sales. The tool allows you to create, design, schedule, and publish social media posts to Facebook and Instagram. In addition, there is a video creation tool to create promotional videos, to either integrate with your site, or to post to social media platforms including Vimeo.

  • Email Marketing – Communicate personalised content to a more targeted audience to generate leads and sales. The tool allows you to create, design, automate, and monitor professional email marketing campaigns.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Marketing Integrations – SEO tools to maximise your website's ranking on search engine pages. Also marketing integrations with third-party apps like Google Ads (PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising), Meta Pixel (Facebook and Instagram Ads Tracking), and Google Analytics (Website Visitor Analysis).

  • Price Quotes, Invoices, & Discount Coupons - Send official price quotes to prospective customers and convert these to invoices once products or services have been ordered. Get your invoices paid directly through the platform. Create and share discounts via coupons to drive more sales.

  • Customer Management & Customer Service – These tools allow you to keep track of your leads and customers, managing all of the interactions you have with your site visitors, across various channels. Processes can also be automated to save time on manual tasks.

  • Tasks & Reminders - Organise and prioritise your work by creating tasks with reminders that keep you on track.

  • Video Maker - Create promotional videos for your website, or for social media.

  • Forms - Create custom forms, surveys and more for your website.

  • Members Area - Add a login user section to your website.


Although the suite of apps is an optional add-on that can be utilised by any owner of a website on the platform, it has to be stressed that successful digital marketing is not an 'occasional post' endeavour. Building online engagement and reaching an ever-widening audience of potential customers is an ongoing process. Connect Hebrides can assist you in building your online presence, whether you are looking for somebody to manage your marketing in the long-term, or just need help with a single marketing campaign, or you just want to improve a specific area within your business, our pay-as-you-go marketing services offer the perfect small business marketing solution.


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